Contribution to Society

HIKARI CO., LTD is an environmental conscious manufacturer of glass coating agents.

Enhancing the technical capabilities of the glass coating products have always been the key focus and remains one of our greatest assets.

One of the most widely used car cleaning product is detergent (car shampoo). There are lots of different kinds on the market nowadays, and they all typically contain abrasive particles and environmentally unfriendly products made from oil or other damaging products. These can cause skin disorders and river pollution, and are potentially hazardous to the environment. Using HIKARI enables you to wash your vehicle using only water without any abrasive detergents, no polluting wax, which heavily reduces pollution to the environment - especially as the use of HIKARI significantly reduces the number of times you need to wash your car.

HIKARI has sustained rigorous independent performance tests and is scientifically proven to maintain its luster and protective qualities for 5 years ~ and in fact, is officially certified to last up to 12 years.