Based on technology Nano Protect research, HIKARI Group is spearheading the future global development of glass coating agents.

I wish you all health, happiness and good fortune in 2013. We believe that this year will mark a historic leap in the acceleration of Technology Driven Companies. Despite the many unprecedented external issues, which include the international financial market crisis, our production has produced maximum results while, maintaining 100% customer service and satisfaction. Through further research and development, we aim to accelerate HIKARI Co., LTD. Nano protective technology to centre stage of the glass coating our industry.

Let's face it, cars get dirty, it's all part of owning and driving a car.

Recognizing this was our first important step. The glass coating formula is crystal clear, and contains no contaminates. So when applied correctly, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of a clean shinny car that will last for a very long time. All products produced by HIKARI Co.Ltd, are scientifically proven, independently tested and certified by Japanese governmental agencies to last 12 years. HIKARI is MADE IN JAPAN and is a worldwide best seller, being sold in many countries including America, Europe, and Asia. HIKARI is the current best selling glass coating product in Japan and rapidly gaining recognition and popularity all throughout the world.