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Based on technological expertise, (HIKARI glass) continues to lead the world in glass coating and customer satisfaction. In pursuit of perfection, our continued research and development, has established us as the new Global Enterprise.

One application to your vehicles paint surface creates a hardened glass coat film which binds firmly to the paints surface and results in a durable shinny gloss finish. The new Nano protected surface, offers lasting durability and paint protection from weathering, scratching and also boasts a super hydrophobic effect.

Hikari Glass Coating for Cars agent special features

Easy application

The application process is very easy. First wash and dry your vehicle, then after dabbong a few drops of the Hikari Glass Coating solution to the sponge provided, evenly apply the solution directly to the painted surface using a wiping motion. Even without any experience, you’ll get the same results which you’d expect from an experienced professional.

No wax for 5 years

One Hikari Glass Coating application will produce a glass like protective film which bonds to the paint surface and provides a high gloss finish which will last for many years. Waxes and other general commercial cleaning products have different results and dimensions; however using Hikari Glass Coating will produce a mirror-like high gloss spectacular finish.

Dirt and grime resistant

Using other car wax or cleaners may produce temporary results however these results are often short lived and will spoil with rainfall or weathering. Hikari Glass Coating has a unique hydrophilic quality, is resistant to dirt and grime and will keep your car at a showroom quality level for many years.

Scratch resistant

Using cas wash machines can cause scratching and damage to your paintwork. Hikari’s durable glass film provides lasting protection to your vehicle against such scratching. Experimental test results show that even a 9H hard pencil could not penetrate the applied surface which surpasses the highest possible level offered by the Japanese glass coating industry.

Reduces washing time

Are you going somewhere special this weekend but haven’t got time to wash the car? Or does ir normally take so long that you’re leaving it until the last minute? Not anymore. After just one Hikari application washing your car again will never be so easy. Dirt and grime just off with water.

3-year international warranty

Applying Hikari Glass Coating to your vehicle will increase the value of your car. In legal item is called a “betterment”. Hikari products are backed by a 3-year international warranty from purchase date.

How to use Hikari Glass Coating

  1. First wash your car to remove dirt and debris.
  2. Then towel dry your vehicle thoroughly to remove excess water.
  3. Avoid running your vehicle for long periods during preparation as this will heat the bonnets surface area which is not recommended.
  4. Avoid working in dusty or windy areas, avoid strong or direct sunlight during application.

Simple steps to application

Step #1

When applying the product uses the sponge that we provide, applying a small amount of product (½ bottle cap) in thin layers.

Step #2

Apply only on the surface of the car, approximately in sizes 50 ~ 70 cm², with horizontal and vertical movements.

Step #3

Allow to set for approximately 3~4 minutes and then wipe dry using the cloth provided (repeat in blocks of approx.= 50 x 70 cms).

Step #4

After 3-4 months Hikari conditioner can be used on the glass and rubber surfaces. To apply, simply spray 2~3 times directly to the car body and glass and then wipe away with the towel included. (Repeat in blocks of approx. 100 cm²). This complete the application process.

Step #5

After completing the application process, you will experience an instant glass mirror effect, which when touched will resemble the surfaces of a glass bottle.

Before & After

Hikari Glass Coating - Before & After
Hikari Glass Coating - Before & After
Hikari Glass Coating - Before & After
Hikari Glass Coating - Before & After
Hikari Glass Coating - Before & After
Hikari Glass Coating - Before & After

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