Frequently Asked Questions - General (English)

FAQs - General (English)

There is no any problem using HIKARI after a third-party product. Just wash the car thoroughly with a car shampoo and degreaser.

Yes, HIKARI glass coating can be applied to brand new vehicles immediately. Furthermore, to prevent any deterioration of the new paint surface, we recommend that you apply the HIKARI immediately on delivery.

It is okay to work outdoors in a shaded area, however we recommend you apply the product in an area which has the least amount of pollen and dust. Avoid sandy areas.

For Japan customers, we usually recommend that you avoid rain and driving long distances for up to 24 hours. However weather pending you can drive for long distances without any problems. If you start to notice any problems, we recommend you use the spray and wipe conditioner to restore the glass coating outer layer.

For older vehicles, we recommended that you use HIKARI Diamond or HIKARI Sapphire. Applying HIKARI products to even older used cars will still produce excellent high gloss results.

As a rule we recommend that you avoid rain for 24 hours after application. However it also depends on the season and outside temperature. Much like outside hung laundry which dries quicker in summer than it does in winter. So you if the car is rain on within the first 24 hours, it may decrease the durability of the glass coating layer by slowing down its crystallization. In this case, we recommend that you use the conditioner, it will help to restore the qualities of the glass coating layer. During the warmer summer months if the car is rained on after 5~6 hours of application its okay, as the glass coating layer would have already dried.

There are two reasons which may cause unevenness. First is the outer conditioner layer. To remedy, wash your vehicle and towel dry as normal, but this time leave a small amount of moister on the vehicles painted surface. Secondly, spray the conditioner to the moistened area and wipe away thoroughly. This should clear up any unevenness. If you are unsatisfied with the results, we suspect that the unevenness is caused by uneven glass coating agent application. To fix this we recommend that you use a compound paste (polishing wax) which can be found in any home centre or car goods store. Compound paste and polishing wax is used to remove scratches which will remedy the unevenness. For smaller areas, you can use the conditioner spray over the surface to restore the paint surface.

No, this is not recommended however use of the HIKARI conditioner is recommended and will also improve water and dirt repellency.

HIKARI does not eliminate old scratches, but due to the effect of the glass coating protective film, it does make the old scratches less visible.

Using such agents as iron compound powder is not advisable as it could remove or harm the upper glass coating layer. If you do choose to use such agents, we recommend that you also use the conditioner. Use of HIKARI conditioner will restore water-repellency and enhance the glass coating qualities. Note: It is not necessary to re-apply the glass coating agent, you may use only the conditioner

It depends largely on the conditions surrounding the cars use. Generally you will not need to reapply the glass coating agent for at least 3 years, however you may choose to use the conditioner agent periodically. The conditioner also includes glass coating components, so the mirror effects, gloss and water-repellency will be maintained with regular use.

Firstly, the HIKARI glass coating is designed to have the greatest effect on painted surfaces. However, yes, you may use on all of the plastic molds, alloys etc of the vehicle.

Most RV plastic bumpers etc are made using a special softer plastic; therefore we recommend that you use the conditioner on these areas.

Once the bottle has been opened we recommend that you use within 30 days. When the bottle is opened, O2 (oxygen) will trigger a crystallizing reaction. Unopened bottles can be stored in cool dry places and will last 2~3 years.

For brand new vehicles, you do not need to use any compound treatment before application. Simply apply HIKARI glass coating directly to the painted surface. If your vehicles is in good condition, even 2~3 years old vehicles may not need any compound treatment.

Sorry, but we do not offer free samples.

If your payment is confirmed by 3:00p.m. Then your order will be dispatched on the same day. With the exception of some remotes areas, delivery can be expected on the following day.

NO it is not dangreous, After application just wash your hands thouroughly with tap water and soap.
I think we put the English instruction with the Recommended Treatment Time chart. Do you still have it? IT shows the Application and Criticial wiping time depending on the temperature outside. Normally It is 3-5 Min at 15- 25 C.
One can reapply the glass coating as many times you want. The layer is ultra thing but an additional layer will look even better because the gloss will look more profound and will have a deeper and deeper mirror reflection with each additional layer. Some Professional Detailing studios apply up to 5 layers of glass coating to have a stunnig effect for car motor shows.
No, any quality WAX over glass coating - will NOT hurt hard glass coting layer. Actually our Hikari conditoner is a kind durable silicon (car wax wich give additional water repellency and shine when someone feels that need more shine.
Yes, some of our customers have experinece of applying glass coating to Motor Bikes , Bicycles, Jet ski, Motor Boats, Helicopters, Smal planes, Furniture (soft Sapphire coating for covering wooder polished doors) , Bathroom Tiles, even Glasses, Window Alluminimum Frames ( In NEw Zealand to protect from UV rays) and many more...
We do not recommend to wash a car in automatic washing machines. Some old washing mashines brushes can leave tiny scratches on the car paintwork. When washing at home one can use any car shampoo except hard alcaline or compound powder containig car shampoos desinged to remove hard stubborn dirt. Just normal car wash shampoo or just a tap water is fine.